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Quantitative Analyst: Fred

 •  Nov 16, 2023  • 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: I can't see the java applet (like the zero coupon bond price)

A1: Please install the java JDK or JRE

Q2: When using ubuntu 8 with firefox 3, I am left with a grey box and the message "applet not initialized. "

A2: Please uninstalling all icedtea java plugins.

 •  Dec 28, 2012  • 

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Why this website?

This website, QuantCalc, offers varied financial math calculators, calibration methods and arbitrage strategies. The reason why we develop QuantCalc is that we hope our ability of pricing, calibration and arbitraging can be seen by World. Please contact us if you want to see some specific method or strategy to be implemented on QuantCalc.


Please contact us if you have any suggestion.

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